From the first meeting to conceptualize the event, until the final breakdown,
we specialize in detailed and organized event planning.
Elias Events wants to meet and exceed your expectations and produce a memorable event.

Together we will produce an event that will WOW your clients, AMAZE your guests and INSPIRE the rest.

• Political Fundraisers • Association Events • Non-Profit Fundraisers/Galas •
• Golf Tournaments • Auctions


Concept and Theme Development
Do you need fresh ideas? Are you looking for a unique theme? Elias Events will help you develop a theme and event concept that will surely “wow” your guests! In a world inundated with non-profit events, Elias Events will help you devise new and exciting ways to enliven you events. For repeat event, Elias Events will analyze past events and give recommendations on improving and raising profitability & awareness of your cause.

Customized Proposals
Elias Events will produce a unique and carefully thought-out proposal designed to meet and exceed your needs for the event. Elias Events wants your event to stand out from the many events vying for donor’s attention.

Turn-key Management and Onsite Production
Past the development of the theme and concept of the event, Elias Events will work through all planning stages of the event to produce a turn-key event.

Public Relations/Social Media Managment
Elias Events will devise a media plan appropriate to the success of the event. We want to achieve maximum media exposure via press releases and working with an extensive network of media personnel.

Manage Suppliers and Vendors
In addition to referring appropriate vendors and suppliers for the event, Elias Events will work diligently with you and the suppliers to ensure that all needs and goals are accomplished.

Contract Negotiations
Elias Events will work with all the vendors, including venue, to ensure that the contract meets the requirements established for the event. Let us put to good use our excellent negotiating skills.

Establish Budget and Provide Cost Controls
Perhaps the most important part of event planning is establishing a well-developed budget. Elias Events will work with you to produce a budget and will continue to advise on cost controls to help keep you within your budget.

Establish ROI Goals
Every event needs to provide a Return On Investment in today’s business climate. Elias Events will develop concepts which will provide you the most “bang for the buck”. We’ll discuss tracking methods to help monitor ROI performance before and after the event. We’ll give you the tools you need to justify the costs.

Branding Support
Elias Events will make sure your brand is properly positioned at the event in a manner consistent with your image and style. We’ll suggest new and innovative ways to display your logo and messaging that will achieve the most impact.

Collateral Material Management
Raising awareness and funds for the event will only happen with excellent collateral support. Elias Events will work with you to develop save the date cards, sponsorship packets, invitations and programs. Each piece is an important part of the puzzle and brings value to sponsors and underwriters.

Sponsorship/Underwriter Management
We’ll give you guidance on how to identify and present your case to corporate sponsors. We can then be the point person for handling their needs prior to and during the event. Elias Events will help devise appropriate and creative avenues of generating funds through sponsorship and underwriting. We can work with honorees and chairman to leverage their contact lists, and generate more sponsorship dollars. This is not your same-old way of raising money.

Attendee Management
During every stage of the event, Elias Events will work to control attendee management. Form the invitation mailing to reservation tracking; we can handle the entire range of attendee management functions. We’ll supply you with updated tracking reports prior to, and after the event for analysis and follow up.