Event Description

The launch of the new 911 Carrera car by Porsche of West Houston was a mod affair with a James Bond “GoldFinger” theme. The theme was evident throughout the event starting with the 4 very sexy Bunny Girls and 1 Bunny Boy that greeted guests at the step and repeat photo station.

Once inside the very modern venue, the throwbacks to the 60’s era was the hot vibe.  A beautiful gold hew was seen throughout the venue, as were the bright and electric videos and logos on the five floor-to-ceiling screens.  The car was hidden by a drape and surrounding the drape was white mod lounge furniture and cocktail tables with gold linens and white flowers.

The bunnies were passing drinks and passing appetizers; and  the beef wellington served on a gold rolling cart. Guests loved being served from these carts by the hot bunnies.  Later in the evening, the cart was then converted to a dessert cart.

The mixologist bartender kept the guests entertained with the Martini (shaken not stirred) drinks served in a stylized fashion.  The bar itself was gold and black with the company logo and the bar back was a gold shelf.

A cool Sinatra style jazz band played in the background as guests imbibed on drinks, smoked custom rolled cigars outside and enjoyed the antique 911 car show in the venue’s courtyard.

After a brief presentation from the president, two beautiful aerialists performed a custom act to the song “Gold Finger” and at the dramatic end, both elegantly dropped to the floor.  That was the cue to drop the Kabuki drape and reveal the gorgeous new car.  Guests quickly surrounded the car to take in its new features.

Outside two more cars, which were under fabric, were revealed and firework spartaculars went off to form a nice glow in the night.

It was a great evening to celebrate another great Porsche achievement.


Coordination Effort Included:

  • concept development and creative design
  • site and vendor coordination including registration, decor, food and beverage,
  • logistical management and on-site logistics and operations


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